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Safe, environmentally friendly
indoor and outdoor grilling!

"why" Qookingtable


Host your guests around this unique table for a culinary event, showcooking where cooking and conviviality take center stage.

Duitse kwaliteit en design

Qookingtable is unique in its design, accomplished by top designers! A table and cooking island in one, known for its rock solid quality, made of stainless steel. This makes your Qookingtable usable all year round and does not need to be stored during the autumn.

How Qookingtable works

The units, unique in their design, are electrically powered and plugged into a socket of 16A / 230V.
stopcontact van 16A / 230V.

When cold, the unit is flat. As soon as the Qookingtable is turned on, the center drops to +/- 1.5 cm. This allows the preparation of accompanying sauce in addition to grilling. The Qookingtable has 3 zones, the baking zone, the warming zone and the waiting zone. These zones allow all your preparations to remain on the Qookingtable until the plates are served.

After cooking, the Qookingtable is so clean and ready for the next use.

It is also important that the outside of the Qookingtable always remains safe to touch. For this we were voted the most child-friendly cooking event in America!
Hiervoor werden wij in Amerika uitgeroepen tot het meest kindvriendelijk kookgebeuren!

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Q Fun Cooking club

From suggested Qookingtable recipes to inspiration from global users. A range of options to test out with family and friends. Share your teppanyaki /plancha recipes here and monthly we will select new recipes and add them to the offering.

In partnership with "Cook-N-Dine" Miami USA, global influencers and our teppanyaki /plancha friends.

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