Okonomiyaki – Savory Japanese Cabbage Pancakes

Ingrediënten / Ingredients

14 oz Napa or Savoy cabbage, very finely chopped
4 tbsp. taste-neutral vegetable oil (e.g. Grapeseed)
1/2 cup Tencasu/Agedama (tempura scraps)
12 paper-thin slices of pork, ~1 oz ea. (optional)
Optional: 4 eggs
Optional: ¼ cup pickled red ginger (salty) for batter
Okonomiyaki sauce (substitute: A57 or homemade**)
Japanese mayonnaise (substitute: Miracle Whip)
Aonori flakes(dried green algae/seaweed)
Katsuo bushi (thin dried bonito flakes)
2 stalks scallions, chopped
1 tsp. Katsuo dashi (Japanese granulated broth powder), dissolved in 180 ml water
1 cup plain flour (preferably “weak” flour with less gluten)
1/3 oz (10 g) Yamaimo* powder or 2 ½ oz frozen Yamaimo*, grated
1/4 tsp. ea. salt, sugar, baking powder
Optional: ¼ cup pickled red ginger (salty) for batter

Bereiding / Preparation

Combine all batter ingredients except eggs and whisk well. Refrigerate and let rest for at least one hour. Add cabbage to the batter and eggs. Fold together with a spoon. Do not mix! Warm-up your Qookingtable on #5. When hot (orange light off), set temperature to #7 - 8. Only now fold the tempura scraps into the batter. If you do it earlier than last minute, they will become soggy. Oil the cooking surface and ladle mixture on, making 4 – 6 pancakes. We like latke-size, ~ 5 inches diameter. Place 3 strips of pork on top of each pancake. Cover and cook for approx. 3-4 minutes. When brown on the bottom, carefully flip over, push back together if the lost shape, and cook for another 3-4 minutes. Move pancakes into the outer warming area. When making smaller cakes, repeat until batter is gone. Switch off the teppanyaki. Dress the cooked pancakes with Okonomiyaki sauce, sprinkle (e.g. zigzag) with mayonnaise (optional), dried bonito flakes and the seaweed flakes. Optional: pickled red ginger. Egg Option: Skip dressing them and break one egg for one pancake. Break the egg yolk and turn one okonomiyaki pancake over onto one egg. Push any leaking egg in, keeping the shape of the pancake neat. Repeat for remaining pancakes. When the egg is cooked, turn pancake over again and finish with dressings. Switch your Qookingtable off.