Brazilian “Picanha” with “Vinagrete” Salad + “Farofa”

Ingrediënten / Ingredients

2 lbs cut “Picanha” WITH fat layer; do not trim off!
Coarse Sea Salt (or “Rock” salt), ~4-6 tbsp
Meanwhile prepare the Vinagrete salsa:
1 sweet onion [ medium size ], diced
4 tomatoes, diced
½ bunch Parsley +/or scallions, chopped
½ Green Bell Pepper, chopped [optional]
½ cup green olives, chopped [optional]
Leafy salad greens [optional]
Olive Oil, approx. 6 tbsp.
Apple cider vinegar, approx. 3 tbsp.
Salt to taste

Bereiding / Preparation

Pre-heat the Qookingtable on 5. When orange light is off, set to 10. When temperature has been reached (orange light off), place the Picanha fat side down on the cooking center. Roast until golden brown (~ 8 minutes), turn, and brown the other side for additional ~ 8 minutes. If you prefer, you can remove part of the drippings by soaking them up with tongs and a paper towel. Optional: prep on the stove and finish on the teppanyaki grill. At this point the Picanha should be cooked to “rare”. Optional: Scrape away most of the salt now. Cut meat against the grain into ~1 inch thick slices and put back onto the hot teppanyaki cooking center. Keep roasting, turning each slice once, until meat has reached the doneness to your liking. Switch off the teppanyaki grill; toss the salad and let everyone enjoy the fabulous flavors of Brazil.

Cook ahead of time: Genuine Brazilian side dish: Farofa

  • Bacon, 8 strips (2 per person), chopped
  • Med. Onion, diced
  • Butter, 2 tbsp
  • 1 Egg (or 2; to personal preference)
  • Cassava flour [ also called Yucca or Manioc flour ], approx. 1½ cups

Fry bacon on medium heat until light golden brown, add onions and cook until softened. Make room on the side for the egg, scramble and firm it up. Mix together. Add butter and melt, then add the flour on low heat. Keep stirring and mix well until warmed. Transfer to a serving dish. Farofa is an essential accompaniment to feijoada and bbq In Brazil. It is also used as stuffing for poultry, It can also contain raisins, nuts and/or finely chopped sweet fruits.